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Victorious moments, timeless memories!

Immerse yourself in the unforgettable moments of Victoria Commercial Bank PLC’s exclusive gatherings where we continue to raise the bar on Exclusivity and Impact. Dive into the vibrant energy of networking with industry leaders, inspiring insights from renowned speakers, and witness the grandeur of concerts, and special occasions.
ICC Finals 2023
S.B. Keshava Swami Motivational Discourse
Women's Day 2023
EASCR 2022

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The Victoria Commercial Bank Ultimate Cricket Showdown, a grand gathering of our cherished clients, unfolded at the enchanting Bao Box in Westlands, General Mathenge, on Sunday, 19th November. The air was charged with excitement as exclusive clients, accompanied by their families, immersed themselves in a day brimming with festivities. Bao Box transformed into a cricket haven featuring a colossal screen that brought the World Cup Finals to life. As the two cricket giants India and Australia battled it out, our clients passionately rallied behind their chosen teams creating an electric atmosphere that resonated with cheers and friendly banter. A charismatic MC and pulsating DJ steered the proceedings ensuring the energy remained sky-high throughout the event. The venue came alive with spirited cheerleaders, adding a dash of glamour to the event.

The cricket euphoria was not just limited to the screen; it extended to every corner of the venue. Capturing the essence of the day, photographs immortalized smiles, laughter, and the thrill of the game. The culinary offerings were a feast to the senses, and attendees indulged in a gastronomic journey that added to the overall jubilation. Spin camera stations offered a playful diversion, while candy floss stations infused sweetness into the air. Australia emerged triumphant, adding an extra layer of excitement to the festivities. The VCB Ultimate Cricket Showdown was not just a cricket viewing party; it was an immersive experience, a tapestry woven with the threads of camaraderie, celebration, and unforgettable moments. As the day drew to a close, it left behind a trail of memories etched in the hearts of our clients and their families.
S.B. Keshava Swami Motivational Discourse

Victoria Commercial Bank hosted the respected author and motivational speaker SB Keshava Swami, for a discourse on the topic ‘Challenging Our Comfort Zone.’ The informative and engaging event was attended by over 70 clients at the ground floor of Victoria @ Two Rivers.

The motivational speaker captivated the audience with his inspiring words leaving a lasting impact on everyone present. Customers from various industries gathered to absorb the wisdom and insights shared. Many interacted with him, sharing anecdotes on uncomfortable situations as they embraced a new perspective on how to manage such incidences in life.

At the end of the discourse, VCB Board members – Ketaki Sheth, Sylvano Kola and Dr. Yogesh Pattni honoured SB Keshava Swami with a token of appreciation.
Women's Day 2023

Victoria Commercial Bank PLC orchestrated the third edition of International Women’s Day on March 8, 2023, marking a zenith in celebrating and empowering women in entrepreneurship. The gathering convened a distinguished consortium of female leaders, converging under the overarching theme of the year: DigitALL – Innovation and technology for gender equality. Against the backdrop of VCB's remarkable status as a financial institution with record female representation, the event delved into conversations surrounding equity and inclusion of women in technology.

Chairing the event, Mrs. Eunice Monzi, Head of the VCB Women Committee, emphasized the bank's strides in gender equality. With 103 staff members, an impressive 51% are women. At the middle management level, there's a formidable 50% female representation, escalating to 33% at the EXCO Level. Notably, VCB stands as one of the rare organizations with female directors, led by the Chair of the Board, Mrs. Ketaki Sheth, a staunch advocate for gender equality. VCB's representation of women, far surpassing market averages (23%-35%), positions the bank at the vanguard with an exceptional 50% women empowerment.

The esteemed Chief Guest, Ms. Zebib Kavuma, UN Women Deputy Regional Director for East & Southern Africa, highlighted the digital divide as the new frontier of gender inequality. Against the backdrop of the 67th session's theme, "DigitALL: Innovation and Technology for Gender Equality," she underscored the transformative yet challenging impact of the digital space on global gender dynamics.

CEO Dr. Yogesh Pattni, a visionary for gender equality at VCB, emphasized the significance of this year's theme on technology and innovation. Drawing a parallel with the UK's tech sector, where only 5% of the female force is engaged, he called for more women to assume influential roles in technology.

Beyond enriching conversations, the event featured edutaining activities, including cyber security awareness sessions and a platform for women to share their journeys in male-dominated industries. The audience, guided by the VCB Women's Committee and the Chief Guest, embraced the year's signature theme with a symbolic self-hug. In her closing remarks, Victoria Commercial Bank’s Chief Business Officer Deposits, Azmina Pattni, invoked Taylor Swift, reminding everyone that success need not come at the expense of others. The morning concluded with a lavish breakfast spread, featuring a delightful array of Swahili foods, healthy bites, assorted crepes, and desserts.
East African Safari Classic Rally 2022

In a resounding commitment to the heritage of motorsports, Victoria Commercial Bank proudly dedicated a substantial sum of Kshs 10 million to bolster the revival and celebration of the iconic East African Safari Classic Rally (EASCR) in Kenya. The prestigious rally commenced its exhilarating journey on February 10th, marked by a distinguished ceremony led by our esteemed CEO, Dr. Yogesh Pattni, and Azmina Pattni, alongside the honourable CS for Sports and Culture, Hon Amina Mohamed, the visionary Phineas Kimathi of Kenya Motorsports Federation, and EASCR officials. The rally embarked on a thrilling 10-day odyssey, with Naivasha witnessing the flag-off and the splendid coastal locale of Watamu hosting the grand awards ceremony, where our leaders bestowed honours upon the triumphant victors. This bold endorsement of the EASCR not only underscores our commitment to motorsports legacy but also echoes our dedication to fostering excellence and celebration in the realms of sport and culture.
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