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The VCB PLC One-Stop Payment Solution is a self-service oriented packaged business solution.

It enables all VCB PLC corporate customers enjoy the ultimate banking experience by securely processing their major payment instruments from the comfort of their offices, and provides a 24/7 banking environment.
Processing of Outward Clearing Cheques (RCC)
Processing of Outward Clearing Cheques (RCC)

VCB PLC offers large Corporate customers with a payment channel for processing all Outward Clearing Cheques using the Remote Cheque Capture (RCC) Solution.

• A Clearing Cheque Scanner is installed at the customer site and enabled for a one phase MICR/Cheque Image scanning process. Customer uses a secure link to gain access to the RCC application through the E-Banking Application.

• You do not have to fill in any deposit slips as RCC provides reports that would replace the deposit slips.

• Bank imparts the necessary training to customers and takes ownership of maintaining the scanners and insurance cover for the same.

• Scanning is available 24/7, wherein all Outward Cheques scanned up to 3.30 p.m. are applied immediately into the customer account held with the bank. All Outward cheques scanned after 3.30 p.m. are processed on the following working day.

• RCC provides the ability to post both Post-Dated cheques and Drawee names.

• Minimum Cheque collection should exceed 15 per day.
Paybill Management
Paybill Management

VCB PLC offers Corporate customers with the management of their Paybills. Paybill Management would involve:

• Handling of Paybill Transactions that are generated through Safaricom platform.

• Providing efficient Customer Service for any transaction query generated on Paybill.

• Direct credit of funds received from Paybill into VCB Customer's account as opposed to Payment Virtual Wallet.

• Effective Cash Flow Management.

• Effective Cashless Payment Options.
E-Banking & Mobile Banking
E-Banking & Mobile Banking

VCB PLC offers its customers a robust E-Banking Platform that is an Omni-Payment Channel and can also be accessed through the VCB Mobile App. VCB Customers can enjoy the Ultimate E- Banking payment channel and can process.

Account Queries
• Download of Bank Statements with Output option available in (Excel and PDF) formats.
• Review of balances on account balances held with the bank.
• Cheque Book Requests.
• Bankers Cheque Request.
• Stop Payments.
• Printing of ITAX Receipts.
• Customer Instructions (replacing Email platform Communications with the bank).

Local & International Remittances
• Payment of ITAXs.
• Single Mpesa Transfers.
• Bulk Mpesa Upload.
• Bulk Pesa Link.
• Air-time Top Ups.
• Staff Payroll (Bulk EFT Upload).
• Bulk Supplier payments using EFT.
• Utility Payments.
• Credit Card Payments.

Local Payments
• Single RTGS Payments in all currencies.
• Single International SWIFT Remittances.
• VCB PLC within the bank Account Transfers.
• Local outgoing electronic funds transfer (EFT).

Trade Finance Instructions
• VCB Customers can lodge their Letters of Credit and Bank Guarantee Instructions via VCB PLC's E-Banking Platform.
Cash Payment Solutions
Cash Payment Solutions

VCB PLC offers Cash collection and payment solutions through our CIT partners for the following Bulk Cash Transactions:
• Bulk Cash Collection from Corporate Customers based on a frequency.
• Bulk Cash Payment to our Corporate Customers based on a frequency.
Courier Bag Services
Courier Bag Services

Collections Services for corporate customers.
Local Bank Tie-Up
Local Bank Tie-Up

Cheque and Cash banking to all upcountry customers.

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Central Bank of Kenya.
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